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Interviewing Topics

Interviewing Topics - Types of Career Presentations

The last step in the hiring decision process is the employment interview. It is critical to to get this right - To deliver your message better than the competition by being relevant, confident, and compelling.

NEW - The Four Key Selection Criteria

There are four key selection processes used by hiring managers - learn what they are and how to enhance your candidate interview standing.

NEW - What They Want Are The Soft Skills

Job related skills are certainly important. Learn about those personal skills that are in high demand and looked for during the interview.

NEW - The Phone and Skype Interview

• Most employers are preseceening candidates by phone or using Skype technology. Learn several ways candidates are using these employer requested, (arms length style) interviews, to their advantage.

The Interview Mindset
 Preparing for the interview takes a mind-set all of its own. Find out how to focus your thinking in preparation for that all important interview.

Improving Interview to Interview
There are steps you can take to better each interview. Learn the steps you can take to impress and improve one interview o the next interview.

7 Methods To Rescue Any Interview 
Interviews can be tough and sometimes we don't do as well as expected. This presentation will give you seven practical and tested tips for recovering from those difficult interview situations. 

What Must Be Said During an Interview
This is where we differentiate ourselves from those competitors seeking the same position. Assuring we express the important aspects of our packaging and content, compellingly.

Career Confidence
• Some candidates for employment lack a sense of confidence in selling their capabilities. Learn how to use role models as a guide to improving your job seeking persona.

Behavioral Interviewing
 Ever increasing use of this screening technique by employers makes it imperative that you understand this process and how to prepare for it.

Interview Coaching
Developing an interview strategy and approach provides for the greatest chance of being the successful candidate. Learn about interviewing from the hiring manager's perspective. 

Your Unique Selling Proposition

 How can we identify our career high points, skills, attributes and other qualifications that will intrigue the employer to act positively on our candidacy? This presentation helps you identify and present your unique self.

Establishing Rapport with the Interviewer
• Laying a strong personal and professional foundation with the person conducting the interview is important to their hearing and appreciating your qualifications message. Learn how to bring down barriers and connect with the interviewer.

Unleashing Your Candidate Power
• What are the elements of an interview that can open the door wider for you? Elements that can turn the interview into a two way conversation rather than an interrogation.

How To Show You’re Not Standing Still
 An important image issue for job seekers is their actions and achievements after layoff, while seeking work. This presentation addresses areas you can discuss to show your continued professional engagement, although unemployed.

Showing Your ROH (Return On Hire)
This seminar gets to the bottom line for the employer. We discuss the elements of return on hire you can address, which are important to nearly all employers.

How to Talk About Your Last Employer 
The content of this presentation offers the job seeker ways to address the interview questions
that relate to their past employer, supervisor, working conditions and separation status. It focuses on positive content and accurate yet pleasing replies.
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