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Job Campaign Topics

Job Campaign Topics - Types of Career Presentations

How one aligns their resources and allocates their time and energy can make the difference between spinning wheels and forward motion in a career search.  

Select topics that can help your members reach their desired job outcomes:

A New Job In Tough Times
• When the competition is heating up and the jobs market seems slow, that's the time to put into action "Tough-Times" job search initiatives.

NEW - The No-Limits Job Search
How can you pull out all the stops and barriers to finding and securing that next career move? This presentation will remove some of the bigger issues that prevent us moving forward.

NEW - In Search of the Perfect Job
I guide to finding and securing your desired job.

NEW - Career Salesmanship
Use the dynamic principles of salesmanship in selling yourself to an employer.

NEW - Branding For Career Success
Branding is critical to establishing a long and successful career path. Learn how to do it effectively.

NEW - College to Career - 12 Impactful Steps
College students have been having a harder time securing that first job after graduation. This three hour seminar takes them through an active and directed job search meant for the college level student or gradate.

NEW - Working With Target Company Contacts
People on the inside are key to getting a referral and introduction to the hiring manager. Learn the principles of how to develop these important relationships.

NEW - Partnering For Career Success
Don't try to do it alone. Partnering by joining forces increases both party's success factors. Know the key factors for finding selecting and growing a career partner relationship.

NEW - Teen Employment Program
For teens seeking summer, temp, part-time or intern jobs, this seminar help teens understand where and how to find work and experience toward their school credits and future careering.

Your Career Portfolio
• Developing a career portfolio is similar to an artist portfolio - full of creative works and achievements. For the job seeker, a portfolio can be priceless and having everything you need to get the job.

Lightning Strike Your Job search
• There are six lightning strikes that can light up and energize any job campaign applicable to all job groups. Learn what they are and how to use them.

Competencies Vs. Skills
• Very different from the usual way we look at ourselves, competencies are universal to all companies and industries. Learn which ones can be applied to your job search or career change.

Your Career Marketing Strategy
• Applying marketing approaches to your job search can change your success rate to the positive. Learn how to attract hiring mangers, recruiters and executive search firms, by bring a marketing strategy to your job hunt and careering campaign.

Career Life Planning
• If you feel that you have been adrift in the job search, and unhappy with some of your choices, perhaps it’s time to look at how to plan and secure your career of choice.

The Seven Career Attributes
• Hiring managers, search executives and Human Resource professionals agree that there are seven basic attributes desirable for all employees. Learn what they are and why they are important to discuss in an interview.

Prioritizing Your Job Search
• So many job seekers say they don’t know what to do first and last when searching for a job, so they spend valuable time often doing the wrong things. Find a path to follow and a course of action from this seminar.

Ten Things To Make Yourself More Marketable
• Taking a good look at ourselves and how we present our selling points can be a deal breaker or a sale. Learn the top ten ways to market your talents and beat out the competition.

Plan-B Planning
• When that primary occupational target fails to bring you the job you desire, it may be time to think about your alternatives. This seminar will help you to determine your Plan-B approach.

The Purpose Driven Job Search
• People who apply a purposeful direction to their careering tend to do far better at reaching their objectives.  Learn how to make the move to a purpose driven career path.

How To Work A Job Fair
• As simple as a job fair might seem to be, it is in this simplicity that we can make giant steps in our career pursuit. Learn how to work a job fair to your advantage and success.

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