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Resume Topics

Resume Topics - Types of Career Presentations

Resumes and their counterparts are the first impression that most employers and your networking contacts see. Used to make that first cut determination as to whether you become a target candidate or not, your first impression document is highly important. 

R.P.P. Enterprises provides your group with the opportunity to learn more about these critical tools in job search.

Resume Writing-101

• Focus, format and content are the three key elements of a resume. Learn about today’s standards and acceptable resume construction with a targeted purpose, meeting job qualifications.

The Behavioral Resume
• To generate the kind of questions that bring into focus your strength as a candidate, write your resume to meet the demands of the interviewer using behavioral questioning.

The Dynamic Resume

•  How can we bring our resume to life and have it stand out from the ordinary to make it extraordinary? We will discuss the elements of a highly dynamic and impressive resume and how to construct one.

Handbills Are For Everyone
• Know how handbills differ from resumes and why they are important to your job search and networking, show casing skills, capabilities and competencies. 

The Value of a Hybrid Resume
Job seekers often question the resume style they should use for their qualifications. This presentation shows how to combine resume styles to make a dynamic impression.

Creating a Professional Biographical Sketch
• Learn how to create and properly use a biographical sketch in your job search. This presentation also shows how it fits into other tools used as you campaign for a new job opportunity.

Other Career Topics

Other popular career presentations are listed below.
Presentations can be customized to your group and industry needs. 

•  NEW - Teen Employment Workshop 
•  NEW - Writing a Business Proposal
• The Indispensable Employee
•  Applying Chaos Theory to Job Search
•  Gigging - The Art of Steady Temping
 Career Goal Setting
 What the On-line and Help Wanted Ads Tell You
•  Boosting Career Visibility
•  Communicating Your Job Search on the Home Front
•  Critical Thinking in a Job Search 
•  Getting A Search Firm to Call You
•  Handling Your Finances During a Job Search
•  How to Stonewall Your Job Search
What The Mature Candidate Has to Offer
•  Establishing Dynamic References
•  Uncommon Sources of Job Opportunities
•  The Truth About Temporary Employment
•  Optimism in a Job Search  
•  Your First Ten Days on the New Job
•  Up-Ending Discouragement
•  Managing Your Finances During a Job Search
•  A Career over Age 50 (60 or 70)
•  Consulting  as a Career Option
•  How to be Successful in an Accountability Group
•  The Biggest Career Time Wasters
•  Establishing Dynamic References
•  Careering During the Holidays
•  Will I Hate My Next job?
•  Life After Layoff
  How to Talk About Your Last Employer 
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